Kona diary

Dream big and never stop exploring.

The story

Over the years working with a wide range of people as a Physiotherapist in the Sportclinic Zurich I noticed a pattern. Many health related problems could be avoided by covering the foundation. The foundation is a basis of strength and mobility that leads to a well rounded, balanced and healthy life. 

What We Do


One-on-One Training



Online-based Strength &



  • Progressive and periodized training plan that is individually tailored to your daily time table and needs

  • Planning via Training Peaks (highly useful and professional platform to monitor progress, make comments etc. – also handy mobile App available to check daily units anywhere you are) The plan can be integrated into already existing training plan from eg. triathlon coaching. I will be in close contact with your coach to make sure you will have the most efficient plan day in and day out! 

  • In person One-on-One trainings every 4-6 weeks to ensure quality of exercises, progress to new techniques and reach new levels together. (if possible due to location)


One-on-One Training

  • Guided in person training session in the gym or outdoors depending on individual goals and vision.

  • I am looking for motivated and honest individuals who are willing to put in the energy required to achieve your dreams. 

  • There will be limited spots available. If interested, we will start with a 30 min skype call to discuss your vision and see if we are a good fit. I am looking for a longlasting relationship. We form a team and I guarantee that with time, hard work and consistency we WILL get you where you want to be. 


  • Will be to widen your specific knowledge base either active or passive

Active workshops:

  • Examples include swimming, biking or running workshops to improve your sport specific skills needed to reach the next level.

Passive workshops:

  • Presentations to sharpen your mental skills or inspire you to become more than you ever thought is possible.



As an agegroup athlete it is a challenge to manage time, ambitions and physical health. In order to achieve the personal goals it is inevitable to be surrounded by an efficient team. Matti supports me in preparation and recovery phases. It is a great pleasure working with Matti. Not only the treatments are highly efficient – but also his skills to suggest supporting excercises which allows to optimize personal physics. His own broad experience in triathlon allows Matti to anticipate physical patterns individually and he can guide his patient with questions which address the right point of pain and or releave. And ... in addition to the physiotherapy it is a great pleasure to exchange training- and competition-experiences with Matti – time flyes and motivation rises.

René Hermann/ Branch Manager/ Bank, Zürich