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Being able to build a physiotherapy and sports medicine facility has been my dream for a long time. finally i can share my passion and knowledge as well as build some special which people will recognize from the first visit onwards.

come and visit us in zürich / kloten at halle 41. 

Finding a good bike shop where you feel comfortable leaving your bike and satisfied when you get it returned is like finding a good hair dresser, difficult to locate. During my time in Zürich I tried a few shops where I felt ripped off and not happy after the service. As soon as you enter the smartly located shop 3Bike you will experience a relaxed and professional atmosphere with very capable as well as experienced staff. This is a place where I can leave my bikes and know that it will work perfectly and smooth on race day!

I have been at a presentation of Jean-Paul, one of the founders of SWISSSIDE last year where they told us their wheels beat every other brand in terms of speed and aerodynamics in the windtunnel. I was sceptical to believe this but after riding the HADRON ULTIMATE 625 at 2016 IRONMAN Kona, I was convinced. I saw other athletes leaving their aeroposition on the quick sections of the course down from Hawi. The crosswinds made them feel insecure which give away valuable time. I felt comfortable and safe because the front wheel absorbed the wind blows. I managed to overtake 400+ people from km 100 - 180 and ended up with a 4:59 hours bike split.

Ever since I started triathlon I have had stomach issues which led to a DNF and a medical tent at IRONMAN Bolton in 2013. Since then I have been searching to find the right nutrition until I tried Sponser. Due to the hypotonic, less stomach irritating sports drinks I can put up to 100g of carbs in one bottle without any issues. One reason why I made the Kona qualification.