The more is better approach

I have recently been asked to write a blog entry about how to handle all the different areas in one’s life without feeling overwhelmed. I am by no means the ‘Master’ of it yet, but despite being rather young, I can promise I have a fair share of experience of high work/life load. The first crash course I got was in the German Special Forces, ‘German Mountain Forces’ for one year, straight out of high school. Before that time, I thought it was hard enough just to attend a full school day after 2hours of sleep and 10 hours of partying – I thought wrong! I am not a huge fan of the military system, but I searched for the adventure as well as my mental and physical limitations, without being cons

About how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward

First of all, I would like to apologize for the continuous silence from my side. I simply did not have the energy to keep this up to the standard I would have liked. Over the last few years I have been fortunate to not struggle with any kind of illness or injury. It was something I was very aware of and appreciative of during those times. So, it was one of the reasons why I never really struggled, when managing the challenges thrown at me this year. Since the end of December 2017, I started to ‘feel off’. All blood tests were looking good and I took care of myself, so I kept training and juggling my life at the fast pace I was used to. My body got more and more unbalanced over time. I enjoye

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