Five Rules of Success

Many people think they need to come up with everything on their own and be the first to do something, like a sort of Christopher Columbus. You save yourself a hell lot of time and energy by learning from the ones that have already achieved what you are dreaming of. I picked up reading again a few years ago. I started with fiction and things that calmed my mind. From that I went onto educational books, especially the ones that were relevant to my vision. They range from successful businessmen who have perfected time management and efficiency, to self-awareness and psychology books. I read it, take out the puzzle pieces that are useful to me and move on. I am not planning to build a multi-mill

Doers and Dreamers

Life is full of choices and we often make them unaware and so quickly, that we forget that we process between 50 – 70,000 thoughts per day. Thought processes can obviously vary from thinking about: if you forgot to lock the door of the car, to the decision of having a baby. No matter the depth of the thought process, I believe the decision process that follows the thought, is different in each of us. In general, if you would try to categorize people into two groups, there would be the Doers and there would be the Dreamers. There is no relation between financial income, social status or physical condition between the two. The only difference is that one, takes action and the other, will procr

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