The Foundation of Any Exercise

There is a variety of questions I ask an injured athlete when he comes to me for treatment and I will share with you, one of the essential ones. The sports knowledge of sports medicine wisdom is growing daily at a rapid rate and it is difficult to catch up on all the details. Moreover, I see too many medical professionals getting lost in that jungle, which ultimately affects the patient’s treatment in a negative way. Do not get me started on the hipster diagnosis, ‘hip impingement’ or the abuse of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), in modern practice. It is quite shocking at times, how little, Medical Professionals, actually know about the physiology of a condition. Although not always possib

Details matter

With an unlimited amount of swim approaches out there and each one telling you something different, it makes it a true jungle for us to recognize what is useful to us as triathletes and what is not. I grew up as an active kid with handball, martial arts, gym work and running. I swam in school lessons and was not horrible at it, but never had a real stroke correction early on. I am a perfectionist by nature, so when I found triathlon, I found the ideal puzzle to solve. I love the fact that no matter how hard I chase the carrot, I will probably never reach the point where I sit down after a race and say, “Wow, this is all I can do and not a second faster.” I like that fact, since it guarantees

Defining success

There are various definitions out there that define the word success and I believe it to be very subjective. Society tells us from a young age that true success has to sound something like “the attainment of fame, wealth or social status”. The kind of definition that makes most people unhappy and miserable over time. Even the richest and most powerful people in the world do not only chase the money or power position. If that would be the case, then most successful companies like NIKE, Facebook or Microsoft would have been sold for a high price early on and the creators would zip cocktails on some tropical island all day. Nonetheless, all of them keep grinding every single day from early morn

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