Core stability - the lost key to peak performance

“Why would I bother doing core?” Before we start I want to let you know that I created a free PDF tri-specific core stability training plan based on recent studies as well as my medical experience with athletes and my own experience. If interested, just send me an e-mail to and I will send it to you right away :) I know I know, core exercises are not exactly something that make you want to set your alarm clock even earlier and wake up with a big smile. It is a necessary evil though. Latest when you are injured due to let’s say overload you can hear your doctor and physical therapist nagging at your weak core. So, either you can wait until then and I can say “I told you so

How to deal with injury or sickness

Injury and sickness is something every athlete is fearing and trying to avoid at all costs. I will talk a bit about the injury side first, then about sickness and then how to battle either of them like a champion. Regarding injury we are quite blessed in triathlon regarding sudden accidents except for maybe a bike crash or twisting your ankle. Compared to contact sports like football, triathlon is a safe sport due to little external contact from others (except for the occasional elbow in the swim leg – who doesn’t love those?!). Most injuries in triathlon are overuse issues that I believe to be easily avoidable. If your ego is bigger than your brain you will train through little niggles whic

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