How to become a fat burning machine

Triathlon training consists largely of aerobic type training gaining more importance with increased distance such as IRONMAN racing. When we go way back to the days when we had to hunt for food and risk starvation if unsuccessful our body was primed to use fats. Even today there are African tribes who outrun gazelles etc. over days at a consistent pace for several days until the animal dies from exhaustion. Humans are endurance machines and no creature is so specialized to work that efficiently over long durations. Again, coming back to the hunting days few thousand years ago, our diet mainly consistent of protein in form of nuts, meat, seeds and so forth as well as fats with few carbohydrat

The secret to avoiding stomach issues

It is no secret that nutrition is the 4th discipline in triathlon and the longer the distance the more important it becomes. You can train all you like, recover like a king and make all the right steps. If your gut is shutting down it certainly will all go down the drain. A bit of a shame if you ask me. Why train hours and set early alarms if you cannot even perform averagely on race day and enjoy the experience? There are many who never experienced any issues during training even when taking the same nutritional products such as gels, sports drinks etc. but come race day they struggle. Why is that? Being a Physiotherapist and having experience in functional Osteopathy I believe I found a mi

How to avoid low mood and tiredness

We all know that feeling when you are just stressing out about the most useless things. No matter if you are an athlete, mum with young kids or a businessman, this guide will sort you out. Would it not be nice to go smooth and relaxed through each day without even the slightest perception of stress? There are three things you need to know to get closer to a balanced lifestyle: Stress is always subjective. Stimulus -> Response (I will explain below) You do not have to do anything if you do not want to Lowest hanging fruits first (Drink, eat, sleep) Stimulus and response: The author Stephen R. Covey told me about this method in his book “The 7 habits of highly effective people” (which I highly

Keeping momentum

New year, new goals and thoughts what we want to achieve – most fail after 3 weeks and I will show you how to avoid that. In order to crush your goals in 2018 there are a few key points which need to become habitual. Step one: Set your goal Sounds easy but most people set the foundation for failure here and there. I believe it is essential to be emotionally attached to your goal. If you do not want it from the bottom of your soul, you will not reach the consistency needed day by day to reach that target. Do not be afraid to set too big goals! Most set the desired barrier too low and lose motivation half way. It can be a scary, big, unrealistic goal that most around you shake their heads when

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