Patella femoral pain syndrome – aka the silent killer known as “god damn it my knee is still hurting

Wow, that’s a fancy word right – cool thing to throw around with at the weekly running group. Well, the truth is it can really mess up your whole body up radiating up to your head leading to headaches and other pleasurable side effects if the knee discomfort isn’t enough. Generally speaking, always consult a doctor or a physio about your issues if you are in servere pain! What is it? Starting from minor symptoms like : stiffness around knee especially right under knee cap up to more major symptoms such as: pain at the knee when walking down stairs or doing a low single leg squat. At the beginning, that feeling of stiffness might disappear after your 10-20min warm up phase and return after th

How I made my way to Kona.

Wait a minute - you are telling me you went from a 11hour IRONMAN finisher to a 9:29hours, 3rd place AG 25-29 in 4 years? not possible? I might have to prove you wrong! First of all, I need to say that I don’t believe in the words “he was always talented that’s why he made this or that possible”. All of those people you call that either started the sport early or worked extremely hard to get there. It is on the other hand true that some people pick up new tasks much quicker than others, which are likely the ones we call “talented”. After finishing two Half ironmans in 2011, I knew pretty early on that I wanted to complete an IRONMAN one day. When my girlfriend planted the seed in my head tha

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