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Questions and answers Interview

  • Why did you decide to get into triathlons?

    • Next to playing Handball for 8 years and some years of  martial arts I always went to the woods to go running. At some point interest shifted more to spending time in the nature. Before I knew I was signed up for a local sprint!

  • How long have you been competing?

    • First ever Tri 2007, then nothing until 2010. Structured training started 2013 with my coach.

  • What is your proudest achievement in sport?

    • That I had the chance to see and feel the atmosphere and people of  the IRONMAN Hawaii myself.

  • What plans do you have for the future?

    • Continue to love the sport, be happy and see what my body can do!

  • What advice woul you give to people to get into triathlons?

    • Ignore all the crazy type A characters, having fun is always number one!

  • Can you describe an average day?

    • Depending on time in season, but 2-3 hours of training, 8-9 hours of work, 1 hour  cooking, 7-8hours of sleep, lots of  time with loved ones.

  • What training tips do you have?

    • Many people say it, because its true. Be consistent - get a coach - rest will follow.

  • What keeps you motivated?

    • Getting the best out of myself.




Aachen, Germany


Zürich, Switzerland

Date of birth:


Life events:

- One year of German special forces, German mountain unit  "Gebirgsjäger"

- Lived in Wales and Italy.



BSc of Physiotherapy (Engl. in NL, Eindhoven)


Sportclinic Zürich / AM Physio


Trigether Triathlon Club


Siri Lindley


Cooking, eating, nature and family/ friends.